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Widen your network of like-minded individuals, access up-to-date information and develop your skills as a club manager

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  • First-class education workshops and seminars to develop core competencies
  • Member social & golf events with a large network of experienced club managers
  • Exclusive and subsidised access to gain CMDip and CCM qualifications

Become a member of the SGCMA today:

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Here's What The Scottish Golf & Club Managers' Association Can Do For You:

  • Exclusive access to a network of highly experienced club managers
  • Join a community with over 500 years of golf club management experience.
  • Learn from others - ask our network how they structure their business, what booking systems they use, what types of memberships they offer, plus any other questions you may have! We also provide legal assistance on employment contracts and accounting advice.
  • Discover new solutions - the day to day management of a golf club typically involves working through a range of issues – use our network to bounce ideas of like-minded individuals and discover tried-and-tested solutions.

Here's some of our members on the day of their CMDip 1 exams in Stirling.

  • Regular member social golf events & organised team matches
  • Play some of the UK's top 100 golf courses at our member-only regional meetings.
  • Network with other club managers. Some of our SGCMA members have landed jobs off the back of our organised golf matches!
  • Represent a team at any one of our 6 home & international matches a year against other club manager's associations.

Here's some of our members attending a MDP Golf Management Course at St Andrews!

  • First-class education workshops & seminars on all aspects of Golf Club Management
  • Develop core competencies - such as membership & marketing, working with committees, club governance, and many more!
  • Learn new skills at our national workshops led by industry experts.
  • Gain new insights on topics such as GDPR, your food and beverage operation, all the way through to social media marketing.


Here's some of our members learning more about the art of green-keeping and course maintenance

  • Receive 1-to-1 support and latest golf news & industry updates
  • Keep up to date with the ever-changing and evolving face of golf club management.
  • Get relevant information and best practices to help you make the right decision.
  • Build your knowledge of what's going on right now in the industry and what's to come.
  • Access 1-on-1 support - ask for help from our trusted advisors.

Some of our club managers attending a industry-leading Management Diploma Program in Stirling.

  • Membership of the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE)
  • More industry-specific education - 2-day education events, workshops, seminars, conferences, 'best practice’ articles, white papers and benchmarking articles.
  • Global Network of Managers - network with club managers from all over Europe, US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and many other regions of the world
  • Jobs Board - keep up to date with job opportunities in the club industry and also advertise vacancies at your own club.

CMAE members who are also CMDip delegates gain complimentary access to the CMAA World Conference saving them $950!

Here are some of our SGCMA members receiving their Club Management Diplomas.

  • Gain your CMDip & CCM qualifications
  • Further your education by sitting your Club Management Diploma (CMDip) and your Certified Club Manager (CCM) examinations.
  • Financial support - we provide subsidies of up to £800 each year to our members who would like to sit their CMDip 1 & 2 exams.
  • Join the top 1% of club managers who have demonstrated detailed and in-depth knowledge of their chosen profession

Access to the nationally accredited Diploma in Golf Club Management and Certified Club Manager Qualification – the only industry specific qualifications of their kind.

The Price?

The annual cost of membership is only £65 which provides full membership benefits.

  • First-class education workshops to develop core competencies
  • Member social & golf events with a large network of experienced club managers
  • Membership of the Club Managers Association of Europe
  • Regular email updates with relevant industry news
  • Invite into our SGCMA members’ WhatsApp group
  • Exclusive and subsidised access to gain CMDip and CCM qualifications

£65 is a very small price to pay for immediate access to an invaluable professional network.

With over 170 members of the SCGMA, we have plenty of happy customers!

Here's what a few of them have to say:

“The SGCMA has provided me with so much correct advice and guidance”

I doubt if there has ever been a time when Golf Clubs relied on their Manager to provide so much correct advice and guidance as in 2020.

SGCMA provided that guidance for me and ensured that every step our Club took complied fully with Government recommendations and created the safest possible environment for all our members.

Gordon Hay, Club Secretary, Boat of Garten Golf Club

The biggest thing is having like-minded individuals you can learn from 

“Before working in the golf industry, I spent 30 years in the police force. This meant I didn't have a network to turn to when faced with a problem...

The biggest thing that being part of the SGCMA has done for me is the networking opportunities. Having like-minded individuals that you can actually liaise with, speak to and learn from has not only benefitted me but also my club and our members as well!

I would encourage anyone looking to get a better understanding of what goes on in the industry to join the SGCMA.”

Fraser Jervis, General Manager, Lanark Golf Club

I would recommend any club manager in the country to join the SGCMA 

Sam Nicholson, Operations Manager, Leven Links Golf Course

An experienced network that provides practical solutions to the everyday management of a golf club

“I think there are some great benefits from being a member of SGCMA.

The principal one being you are brought into a ready-made and very experienced network.   

The day to day management of a golf club involves working through a pile of issues – but not many of them are unique and therefore practical solutions usually already exist. 

The SGCMA network works through 1 to 1 links as well as the wider group sessions via webinars, zoom calls and a member WhatsApp group. 

In addition, the ongoing education sessions are very helpful as you strive to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving face of golf club management.

Finally the social side, including the chance to play some excellent courses, just tops it off perfectly!”

Allan Warwick, General Manager, Gourock Golf Club